Hybrid car savings

Even hybrid drivers can use some tricks to drive even more energy efficient, because the electromotor usually only works at lower speeds, I have lined up a couple of highway driving saving tricks!

Brake the right way

  • As hybrid cars have the ability to convert braking power into electric energy and store them in their batteries. However the induction (as this is called) will only give yo so much braking power. If you need to decelerate faster, your brakes will engage and energy will be lost.
  • Braking sooner also helps in saving the rolling energy of your car. By braking sooner than others cars, you can usually reach the traffic light without coming to a complete stop.
Drive smart
  • If you have the time and don’t need to make a big trip, try the down town route instead of the highway.
  • Terrain aware driving could help, too. As car computers are not yet intelligent enough to know about the terrain and the traffic conditions ahead. Plan your journey, time and route accordingly.

Warm up period of hybrid engines

  • As today’s Hybrids need a minimum engine temperature before they can shut off the engine, try to combine multiple short trips for maximum mileage.
  • Installing a engine block heater can increase the efficiency of your hybrid by 10%-40%!
  • When parked for a longer period of time (1+ hour approx.) in a cool environment, use some Styrofoam to block your front grill to save more warmth.

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