• The Impact of Tires on Your Car’s Energy Efficiency

    The Impact of Tires on Your Car’s Energy Efficiency

    Carpooling is a practice that involves sharing a ride to work or school with other people who are going in the same direction. This not only saves money on gas and reduces wear and tear on your car, but it also helps to save energy and reduce pollution. One of the biggest benefits of carpooling […]

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  • Hybrid car savings

    Hybrid car savings

    Even hybrid drivers can use some tricks to drive even more energy efficient, because the electromotor usually only works at lower speeds, I have lined up a couple of highway driving saving tricks! Brake the right way As hybrid cars have the ability to convert braking power into electric energy and store them in their […]

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  • Fuel economy

    Fuel economy

    Let’s face it, gas is expensive. Whether it is regular gasoline or diesel, paying for it your isn’t that much fun as driving around is made to look. Saving on gas is easy, even without the frequently heard “leave your car at home”! If you read my tips below you’ll be a much happier camper […]

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