Fuel economy

Let’s face it, gas is expensive. Whether it is regular gasoline or diesel, paying for it your isn’t that much fun as driving around is made to look.

Saving on gas is easy, even without the frequently heard “leave your car at home”! If you read my tips below you’ll be a much happier camper next to you’re going to be at the gas station.

  • Keep track of your mileage and gas types.
    The good old “knowledge is power” saying comes to mind. Without knowing which trips cost you the most or which type of gasoline runs the most smooth for your car, we’re kind of in the dark. There are a lot of websites to help  your with that, or even smartphone apps which give you neat looking graphs, right on your phone.
  • Be aware of the traffic around you.
    Taking of during a traffic jam and having to slam the brakes very hard 10 seconds later is gas unnecessarily spend. Be knowing when to speed up or when to let the car roll, you can save a lot of gas if you are a frequent traffic jam driver!
  • Ease a bit of the gas when going uphill or when heavily loaded.
    Remember that your car is the least efficient when under high load, like going up a hill or when carrying a lot of passengers or cargo. By not trying to keep up that 60 mph limit but letting it fall back a bit uphill, you can save a nice bit of gas.
  • Pump up those tires.
    Most manufacturers recommend a lower psi value for your tire pressure, mainly to increase passenger comfort. But pumping your tires up to the maximum allowed value will significantly reduce rolling resistance and increase gas mileage. Most gas stations have facilities to check tire pressure right next to the pump, so remember to check it every month or so.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple but effective gas mileage tips and remember to drive safe!