Best Energy Saving Products

Replacing old and energy inefficient devices in our household or office is another way to save a lot of dollars from your energy bills. Replacing one or two devices might not be enough to show significant savings on the next bill, but working your way through every room and replacing old (or just older) devices could earn back your investment within a couple of months.

Steam iron
Buying a recent steam iron like one from the Bosch Sensixx Eco Steam series or from the Philips EnergyCare series could save you up to 24% of energy on ironing. The most important features of modern steam irons are less waste of steam due to better isolation and the auto off feature that most irons use nowadays.

Boiling water is an energy inefficient process, so why boil too much? Recently launched kettle’s feature cup indicators, meaning you will never boil too much water. Philips claims this’ll save 66% of the energy you’d normally use, but only if you fill it up to the correct amount!

 Vacuum Cleaner
Recent vacuums have different settings for hard floors, carpet and curtains mean you get the best performance, without wasting energy and a 50% energy saving compressor motor. The motor is half the size, but with the same performance as a bigger one, meaning you need less energy to clean the same rooms.

Electric Blanket
Save on your bills this winter with this super snug electric blanket. Simple to use, this eco electric blanket has two settings, one for energy efficient heating throughout the night, the other for a quick burst of extra heat when you need it. From as little as a penny per night, you’ll be able to heat your bed, and not waste money and energy warming empty areas of your home.


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