• Loving Office Energy Saving

    Loving Office Energy Saving

    Enjoying office energy savings is something that every company would love. After all, saving on energy costs means saving money which can then be funneled for use in other things that the company needs. Fortunately, a lot of office energy saving tricks are actually very simple, making it nearly impossible to not enjoy those energy […]

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  • In the workshop: Saving energy with power tools

    In the workshop: Saving energy with power tools

    Everyone will benefit from energy saving tricks, whether or not you are actively looking for ways to save on costs with your energy bill. What a lot of people don’t realize though is that it’s not enough to just turn off an appliance or a device when it’s not in use to save on electricity […]

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  • Best Energy Saving Products

    Best Energy Saving Products

    Replacing old and energy inefficient devices in our household or office is another way to save a lot of dollars from your energy bills. Replacing one or two devices might not be enough to show significant savings on the next bill, but working your way through every room and replacing old (or just older) devices […]

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