Energy Saving Tips for College Students

Life as a college student is hard enough, traveling from and to college or your university can be time and money consuming, as can be living on campus. You could try an online degree, but who would want to miss out on college life?

Getting to college or dorms
Going home each weekend is great, but having to drive 200+ miles twice a week does have a tax on the environment. Try using mass transit where possible. When you do decide to travel by car, try our Fuel Economy tips and tricks to save on your gas.

Electronic devices
Leaving your computer or laptop running 24/7 can be a convenience, but also a major cost. So turn it off or set it to standby when not in use. Unplugging unused appliances can also save you a couple of bucks each month (try using a power strip for fast unplugging of multiple devices!).

You need clean clothes, right? Not everyone does (some keep their dirty laundry on their bet and magically declare it washed whenever they need it), but most of us do.

First and foremost, only wash when you have a full load! This has saved me so much money in the past couple of years, I could buy a new, more efficient washer every second year just because of these savings.

Should your dorms have a laundromat, try gathering up some people to wash together, since most efficiency can be gained from using machines at maximum capacity.

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