• Cooking Energy Saving Part III

    Cooking Energy Saving Part III

    Welcome to the last part in the Cooking Energy Saving series. By now you should be a master in cooking efficiently, so I’ll keep it short and cut right to the part you came to see: the saving tricks! Dishwasher Avoid unnecessary pre-rinsing before putting dishes in the washer. Modern dishwashers are very efficient and […]

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  • Cooking Energy Saving Part II

    Cooking Energy Saving Part II

    This is part two of my Cooking Energy Saving series. This time we will talk a bit more about cooking, but also about the fridge! Refrigerator Adjust the refrigerator temperature settings for different seasons. Check refrigerator setting by placing a thermometer in a jar of water and leaving in refrigerator overnight. In the morning, the […]

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  • Cooking Energy Saving

    Cooking Energy Saving

    Cooking is something most of us do everyday, that’s why looking at it to save energy can be a great saver! This post is part of a series of three, expect more tips next coming weeks! Use my tips below and you’ll be able to save a great deal of energy. Microwave and oven Methods […]

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